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Ostomy Bears & Books 
For Your Hospital

Ostomy teddy bears inspire

hope and provide comfort and encouragement to patients of all ages.

Patient Privacy

All patient privacy standards are strictly maintained. Bears and books are shipped directly to the hospital. Clinicians give the bears/books to the appropriate patients, maintaining all privacy standards.

Gifting Bears/Books-Cost & Sponsors

Hospital patients are gifted bears and books.

Groups, individuals, foundations, hospitals, and businesses sponsor bears and books for patients at a reduced cost.

Sponsors For Your Hospital

We help you secure sponsors by providing an exclusive, no-cost, no-risk bear sponsorship drive for your hospital. See the details below.

*This program is for US hospitals only.

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Gifting Bear Hugs


How to secure bears/books for your hospital


  • Designate a month (30 days) for your bear &/or book sponsorship drive.

  • We’ll create a unique QR code/link free of charge exclusively for your hospital’s ostomy bear/book sponsorship drive. Anyone using your unique code/link will sponsor bears/books exclusively for your targeted hospital.

  • We’ll provide the code/link, social media graphics, and email templates with your exclusive QR code/link and can add your hospital logo if desired.  These are provided free of charge.

  • You share your QR code/link with friends, colleagues, organizations, and businesses through your email and social media. You’re in complete control of your email list and social media connections.  They remain private, and we never have access to it!

  • We handle the sponsorship money and processing. You receive weekly detailed progress reports during your drive and a final report at the end of your month. Then, we ship the sponsored bears/books directly to your hospital at no additional cost and disable the code/link to close your drive.  (Sponsored bears/books typically ship within 10 business days of the campaign's close). 

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Designated clinicians then distribute the bears and books to the appropriate patients upholding all privacy protocols.


Special Pricing for Sponsors!

$35 to sponsor one bear 

$38 to sponsor one bear with one book

Pricing* includes tax and shipping to one hospital location.

    *Standard credit card & processing fees apply and are not included.


Common Questions:

Is there a cost to run a bear/book sponsorship drive?


Is there a minimum order to qualify for the special pricing and free shipping?

Yes. A minimum order of 5 bears is required to qualify for special pricing and free shipping.

Will there be multiple hospitals holding sponsorship drives at the same time?


January through September:  

Only one hospital can conduct a sponsorship drive per month.

October through December:  

Two hospitals can run sponsorship drives simultaneously in the same month.  The participating hospitals must reside in different states. 

Can I run a sponsorship drive for Bears only (no books)?


Can I run a sponsorship drive for Books only (no bears)?


Can the sponsored bears/books be shipped directly to patients?

Bears/books sponsored for hospitals cannot be shipped directly to patients.  If you would like to purchase a bear &/or book to be sent directly to you or a friend, Click HERE


Full refunds can be made to the sponsor before shipping, minus processing fees.

No refunds will be granted after the shipment.

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